Friday the 24th of February at Vintermästerskapen i Strömsholm, Ylva Hagander and Álffinnur made their first public appearance together, entertaining the audience during the stallion competition. It was a big success when Ylva let Johanna Elgholm try Álffinnur. He also competed in the children's class with Johannas daughter Vera.

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Álffinnur and Olil did very well at the Swedish international horse show in Stockholm last November. They got second place and the best five gaiter!

Olil got to compete Álffinnur for Iceland, in the Sweden international horse show. With the highest score from one of the three judges and one 9 for pace great show. See the album below


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Alvakungen AB

is the company who owns Álffinnur.
The owners of Alvakungen are;
Ylva Hagander, Forsgård AB
Madeleine Engwall, Haninge Islandshest Center
Cecilia and Stefan Göransson, Exogen AB
Nina and Dennis Engel, Töltmyllan Germany