The story of Álfadís

Many remember when Álfadís made her first appearance at the Landsmót National Horse Show 2000 as a four year old and set a new record for ridden abilities in her age group.

     I would like to tell you the story of Álfadís and describe her in my own way since I am the only one who knows her story from the very beginning until today. Álfadís showed great potential from day one, her movements as a foal were strikingly graceful and she showed all five gaits. It was therefore immediately clear that this was a five gaited mare, a fact which I never doubted. She showed good clear gaits and chose to trot when relaxed.

 Alfadis og Álfhildur´08

     We started training her in the middle of January when she was turning four tears old. This was the first time in years that I took in such a young horse for training. I mentioned it to those around me that this was an unusually pormishing horse which we should keep an eye on, not least since there would be a Landsmót that same year. I felt there was something supernatural about her and therefore she was later given the name Álfadís(Fairy), when she had fulfilled her potential.

     She was good on the first day of training as if nothing was more natural and she was very easy to train and a quick learner. She was extremely open and lucky enough to be trained by a trainer who was sensitive to this. She allowed her to develop at her own pace and took care not to do too much, which would have been easy given her qualities and offering to serve her rider. Álfadís always stood at the front of her box, observing everything happening around her, eagerly waiting her turn.

     The only time I ever saw Álfadís in a bad mood was once when she became lame and was given some time off, resting in her stall. Even thugh she was calm, she stood in the backend of the box, hanging her head. It was obvious that she missed being trained. Apart from her great temperament, willingness and fondness of people, she possesses a great love for performing than any other horse I have ever known. She is quite calm by nature but always seemed to sense when showtime was coming up and would then do whatever she could to make herself look flashy and great. Throughout her first winter as a breeding mare she parted from the group whenever she saw the farmer and followed him in the hope that some fun was about to happen, a change from just standing around in the fields. She can still get quite excited if she feels that something interesting is going on and then she will show off.

     Of all her qualities, her great will and good temperament are her best assets and I can not imagine that better in any horse. I also know that more and more people will realize what I am talking about as well as those who get to know her descendants because her temperament will appear from time to time in them as history has already proven.

     Then one will no longer need to joke around and say "do you belive in fairytales", as many tended to do when the trainer of one of her sons could not stop praising him. I for one certainly belive in fairytales!

Olil Amble


Pedigree IS1996287660 Álfadís frá Selfossi

F  IS1979125040 - Adam frá Meðalfelli     
FF   IS1968157460 - Hrafn frá Holtsmúla
FM   IS1971286470 - Vordís frá Sandhólaferju
M   IS1990236512 - Grýla frá Stangarholti
MF IS1981187020 - Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I
MM IS1970238760 - Spurning frá Kleifum




Highest judgement: At Landsmót in Víðidalur - 2000

Measurements: 136 135 63 140 27 16,5

Head 8.0 Tolt 9.0
Neck  8.0            Trot  9.0 
Back and croup  8.0  Pace 7.0 
Proportions 7.5  Canter 8.5 
Legs 8.0  Temperament/willlingness 9.0 
Straightness of feet 7.5  Form under rider 9.0 
Hooves 7.5  Walk 9.0 
Main and tail 7.5 
Conformation   7,78 Riding abilities 8,66 
Slow tempo tolt 9.0 
Total score  8,31


Álfadís's honorary price for offsprings, word of judgement:

Álfadís gives offsprings of more than medium size with fairish head. The neck is soft with high shoulders. The back is wide and the croup is powerful but a bit coarse. Her offsprings have good proportions. Tendons in feet are strong and legs are dry. Straightness is dynamic but hoofs are admirable, main and tail is below medium. Álfadís gives great tolt, with good speed range, long strides and high movements. Trot is also excellent, with a lot of glide and long stride with high leg action. Three of the offsprings are amblers and they all callop nicely. Willingness is perpetually agile and light and the offsprings are splendid with high leg action.

Álfadís frá Selfossi gives offsprings with right proportions with soft neck and powerful backline. The offsprings have flying willingness and great gaits with breathtaking form and presence. Álfadís gets honorary price for offsprings.




IS2001187660 - Álfasteinn frá Selfossi

IS1994158700 - Keilir frá Miðsitju
IS2002187662 - Álfur frá Selfossi IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu
IS2003287660 - Sóldís frá Selfossi IS1996135467 - Flygill frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum     
IS2004187660 - Gandálfur frá Selfossi IS1988165895 - Gustur frá Hóli
IS2005287660 - Heilladís frá Selfossi IS1995186691 - Suðri frá Holtsmúla 1
IS2006187660 - Alvar frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS2001187015 - Dalvar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
IS2007187660 - Álffinnur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu
IS2008287660 - Álfhildur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu
IS2009187660 - Álfarinn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS1994158700 - Keilir frá Miðsitju
IS2010287660 - Álfastjarna frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS2003184557 - Dugur frá Þúfu
IS2011187660 - Álfgrímur frá Syðri Gegnishólum IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu
IS2012287660 - Huldumær frá Syðri Gegnishólum  IS1997186183 - Sær frá Bakkakoti
IS2013187660 - Nn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum  IS1998187002 - Stáli frá Kjarri
IS2014187660 - Nn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum   IS2007158510 - Lord frá Vatnsleysu
IS2015187660 - Nn frá Syðri-Gegnishólum 

IS2015187660 - Arion frá Eystra Fróðholti

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