F IS1982151001 - Otur frá Sauðárkróki
FF IS1976157003 - Hervar frá Sauðárkróki
FM IS1966251002 - Hrafnkatla frá Sauðárkróki
M IS1983284555 - Dama frá Þúfu í Landeyjum
MF IS1979125040 - Adam frá Meðalfelli
MM IS1976284554 - Svana frá Þúfu í Landeyjum


Highest judgement: At Gunnarsholt - 1991
Measurements: 143 158 28.5 18

Head   7.5 Tolt 9.5
Neck    8.5            Trot  9.0 
Back and croup    8.5  Pace 5.5 
Proportions   7.5  Canter 9.0 
Legs   8.0  Willlingness 9.0 
Straightness of feet   7.5  Temperament 8.0
Hooves   8.5  Form under rider 9.5
Conformation   8,08 Riding abilities 8,61 
Total score    8,34    

Orri's honorary price for offsprings, word of judgement:

Orri's offsprings are just over medium size, expressive but the head is most often coarse and meaty, neck is erect but thick, locaciton of shoulders is excellent. Main and tail is unique. The back is well muscled and the croup is deep but short. The offsprings have good proportions but the torso is often deep and the sides are flat. Foot quality is just over medium quality, tendon is strong but with narrow space, straightness sometimes scant but hooves of exellent kind. Orri's offsprings are surpassingly good four gaiters but some are ambling though that is more rare. Tolt and trot have extremely good rythm with good speed and high leg action. Canter is magnificent and fast, willingness is good and temparament is brave. The offsprings are self-assertive while ridden. A charactheristic for Orri's offsprings is that they are precocious and develop rapidly.

Orri is a superior horse in Icelandic horsebreeding, he gets honorary price for offsprings and first place.


Alvakungen AB

is the company who owns Álffinnur.
The owners of Alvakungen are;
Ylva Hagander, Forsgård AB
Madeleine Engwall, Haninge Islandshest Center
Cecilia and Stefan Göransson, Exogen AB
Nina and Dennis Engel, Töltmyllan Germany