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Pedigree IS2007187660 Álffinnur frá Syðri Gegnishólum

F IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu
FF IS1982151001 - Otur frá Sauðárkróki
FM IS1983284555 - Dama frá Þúfu
M IS1996287660 - Álfadís frá Selfossi
MF IS1979125040 - Adam frá Meðalfelli
MM IS1990236512 - Grýla frá Stangarholti


Breedingshow at Sörlastaðir II 2014

Head 8,0 Tolt 9.0 
Neck  8,0
            Trot  8.5 
Back and croup  8.5 Pace 8.5 
Proportions 8,0 Canter 8.5
Legs 8,0 Temperament/willlingness 9.0
Straightness of feet 7,5 Form under rider 8,5
Hooves 8,0 Walk 7,5
Main and tail 7,0
Conformation 7,96 Riding abilities 8,63
Slow tempo tolt 8.0
Slow tempo canter  8.0
Total score 8,37     



Álffinnur's 1st. price for offsprings, word of judgement:

Álffinnur's offspring are generally of average size and are strongly built horses. They have a dry and well chiselled head, the neck is well raised but could be thinner to the throat. The back is well muscled and the croup is powerful. His offspring are well proportioned with rather good leg quality and the hooves have strong material. The mane and tail is below average. The offspring are impressive under rider and show high leg action. The tölt has a clear beat and the trot has good stride length. They have good speed capacity and elasticity in gallop and the walk is energetic with good beat. Álffinnur gives offspring with good stride length and high movements, they are usually five-gaited with tölt as their strongest gait. They are precocious, willing and cooperative.

He receives first prize for offspring.

Alvakungen AB

is the company who owns Álffinnur.
The owners of Alvakungen are;
Ylva Hagander, Forsgård AB
Madeleine Engwall, Haninge Islandshest Center
Cecilia and Stefan Göransson, Exogen AB
Nina and Dennis Engel, Töltmyllan Germany